Final Week of Student Teaching

This week was our first week at the elementary school called Marienschule. We were pretty much given our own classroom on the 3rd floor and the teachers brought the students to our room. Camey, Lauryn, and I taught 1-4th grade all week. We planned and taught all of the lessons which was a little bit of a surprise as we thought we would mainly be helping the teacher. The school gave us the topics they wanted us to cover in advance and we created lessons around these ideas. It was a valuable experience and really taught us to be flexible. Sometimes we had to totally change things at the last minute and just go with it. The 1st graders only started learning English in February which was difficult. The other grades knew more English but it was still a struggle to communicate simple tasks so we had to use a lot of songs, pictures, and movements to try to get the students to understand.  While at times it was really difficult to try to get our point across it was a lot of fun. To communicate required effort from not only us but from the students as well. We taught 1st grade about pets, this required lots of songs and a lot of animal noises. 2nd grade learned about the days of the week. 3rd and 4th grade learned about Kentucky and US holidays such as 4th of July, Veteran’s Day, and Memorial Day. We also made Mother’s Day crafts and patriotic crafts.

It was difficult having no technology in our classroom, we had a chalk board to use and different colored chalk. We found ways to use technology, such as breaking into centers and showing PowerPoints with many pictures on our individual laptops. The school it’s self didn’t have Wi-Fi so we had to be really on top of our planning and make sure that everything was saved to our computers in advance. I can’t believe that this was our final week student teaching but I am so excited for what is to come. For now, we are off to the Netherlands for the weekend!


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